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Don’t like your wrinkles or age spots? Who does? No one likes looking old. The good news is that there are more nonsurgical options than ever to make you look younger in just an office visit or two. Find out how the experts at Front Range Family Medicine can help minimize your wrinkles and lines, rejuvenate your skin tone, and eliminate dark spots and other skin detractors. Call the office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or make an appointment online.

Anti-Aging Q&A

What happens to skin as a result of aging?

Older-looking skin is part of the natural aging process. While some have better genetics than others, most of us experience lines, wrinkles, and dryness as our skin thins out and our oil glands produce less lubrication for our skin. The repeated exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can break down fibers that make our skin strong and supple, resulting in sagging, jowly skin.

This sounds dire, but the good news is that at Front Range Family Medicine, we offer the Icon™ Aesthetic System, an advanced laser system by Cynosure that can treat most of these aging skin issues.

Is it possible to prevent lines and wrinkles?

Good habits and a healthy diet can help minimize or slow down your skin’s aging process. Slathering sunscreen and moisturizer on daily is vital. Getting enough sleep and eating a diet rich in antioxidants can also help. And cutting back or eliminating bad habits like smoking tobacco products and drinking too much alcohol can also help, because both vices leave your skin dehydrated.  

What are anti-aging procedures that work?

Even with the best preventative practices, many people still see signs of aging skin that they’d like to correct. At Front Range Family Medicine, providers develop a personalized anti-aging program that encompasses the right treatments and procedures for your skin type and needs.  

With the Icon laser system, our providers treat a variety of skin issues. For each anti-aging treatment, we use a different application and settings to reduce wrinkles and lines, even out your skin tone, minimize brown spots, and even remove unwanted hair. Each treatment session takes less than an hour.

What should I expect after an anti-aging laser procedure?

Depending on the anti-aging treatment we perform with the laser, your downtime and results vary. For example, a wrinkle reduction procedure has only a four-day recovery period. Skin resurfacing leaves your skin red and swollen for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Some procedures are a one-time treatment while others require multiple treatments to get the maximum benefit.