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Visible scars, especially on your face, are like permanent blemishes on your skin. Although some scars fade, they never disappear entirely. If you have a scar that bothers you, call Front Range Family Medicine in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to find out about our advanced and effective scar removal procedures to erase your scar, quickly and painlessly. Call or make an appointment online today.

Scar Removal Q&A

How do scars form?

A scar is part of the body’s natural healing process. Scars form after skin is injured from a cut, scrape, burn, or wound. Part of the healing process is that your body sends collagen -- a fiber that gives skin strength and elasticity -- to reconnect the separated tissues. At the same time, your body creates a scab to cover and protect the wound while the tissues come back together.

While this process is done to protect and repair the skin, a side effect of this healing process is that when the wound heals and the scab falls off, often there’s a scar in its place.

Are there different types of scars?

Scars come in all sizes and shapes. Some are raised and thick, some are dark and long, and others are small and pale. The appearance of your scar depends on many thing, including the nature of the wound, your age, your ethnic background, the location of the scar, and your family genetics.

Scars are broken up into different types depending on what they look like and what caused them. Hypertrophic scars, for example, are clusters of scar tissue, usually raised and red, that develop directly over the wound area. Keloid scars are similar to hypertrophic scars, but they extend beyond the wounded area. Keloid scars can be painful and itchy.

You can also get scars from burns and acne. Some scars restrict movement due to tightness in the skin and tissue or muscle contractions.

What are my scar removal options?

At Front Range Family Medicine, a provider examines your scar and recommends the best treatment to help reduce the size and minimize the appearance of your scar. Although there are several options -- including over-the-counter and prescription creams and ointments, steroid injections, dermabrasion, and surgery -- laser treatment has become the go-to treatment for all types of scars. Laser scar removal treatment is effective, quick and painless.

At Front Range Family Medicine, we use the Icon™ Aesthetic System by Cynosure, the most advanced system to treat scars as well as other skin issues like wrinkles, spider veins, and sunspots.