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If you’re having trouble losing weight, you’re not alone. Nearly 45 million people go on a diet every year. But most of them are not successful at keeping the weight off. At Front Range Family Medicine in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our experts create a personalized diet plan that includes support, education, and medication or herbal treatments, when necessary, to make sure you’re successful. If you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, call the experts at Front Range Family Medicine or make an appointment online.

Weight Loss Q&A

What is the best diet for weight loss?

Losing weight sometimes seems like a losing battle. You usually need to cut out foods you like and curb your hunger with low-calorie, healthy choices that don’t sound as appealing as the sugary, high-calorie ones. No wonder people fail.

Therefore, the best diet for weight loss is one you can stick to without feeling deprived. Regardless of which popular diets are rated the best by magazines and friends, to be successful, you need a diet plan that works specifically for you.

At Front Range Family Medicine, our providers first perform a complete physical to see if there are any underlying medical issues or medications you’re taking that might interfere with your weight loss goals. Then a personalized, comprehensive plan is created that’s specifically designed to help you reach a healthy, desirable weight.

Help! How can I stick to my diet?

At Front Range Family Medicine, we provide the tools and motivation to help you through cravings and rough spots. Our diet plan is not simply about eating less or eating healthily. We develop a comprehensive plan that includes nutrition education, support, exercise and, if necessary, medications or herbal supplements to help you manage your hunger and stick to the diet.

What is medically-supervised weight loss?

At Front Range Family Medicine, we don’t just hand you a weight loss plan and wish you luck. We are there with you every step of the way to make sure you succeed.

Along with your personalized plan, you can expect your team at Front Range Family Medicine to offer encouragement through routine check-in visits and support you when you hit those dreaded weight loss plateaus.

Part of your comprehensive weight loss plan includes an exercise routine to help motivate you and keep you energized, without making you miserable. We can also help jumpstart your efforts with medications designed to control the cravings that often sabotage weight loss.

You can expect close follow-up throughout your time on the program, which includes screening labs to make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition. And, most importantly, we help you transition from a regimented diet and exercise plan to maintaining your weight loss once you’ve reached your goal. Maintenance is key to preventing the weight from creeping back.